Pregnancy and childbirth are exciting and life changing experiences. At the Cork Womens Clinic we understand the special care requirements of both mother and baby during this wonderful time.

The Cork Womens Clinic is run by for Consultant Obstetrician/Gynaecologists, each with different subspecialty areas of expertise thereby delivering the highest standard of pregnancy and birth care.

Your consultant will see you throughout your pregnancy providing a scan at each visit and will be there at your delivery. In their absence another consultant will be present.

Antenatal visits normally start with a complementary first scan at approximately 9 weeks prior to a full ‘booking’ visit at 12 weeks. At this point you will also meet the clinic midwife who will also see you at each subsequent visit.

The scheduling of each visit thereafter will be tailored to your pregnancy but on a low risk pregnancy will usually  be at 20, 28, 32,36,38 and 40 weeks gestation.

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